Micro-dwarf tomato breeding update

Time for an update on the micro-dwarf multiflora progress!  I have a really good collaborator that I hooked up with online in a gardening group.  Dan has been diligent about selecting good plants and continually planting new generations.  I think he’s up to at least F6 or F7 now which means we are getting very close to completely stable inbred tomatoes.  At about F9 we’ll name it and release it for anyone to grow. I’m happy to share and give him all the credit for the hard work in the pictures below.

We still see some diversity in plant architecture in the F5 generation below.  All plants are under 18″ tall though.  Dan reports that the flavor of the fruit is significantly better than most of the current micro-dwarfs available!





By the end of the season we should be very close to a final selection with release planned in 2017.  Dan has also gone to town making crosses with the best segregants to get even more diversity of flavor, color and fruit shape all on very small stature multiflora plants.  I’m excited about a number of his crosses! More on those later in the year.




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