Little Carnivores

We usually let the chickens out into the backyard in the afternoon to forage and flap their wings and to just generally do chicken stuff.   We decided to move the coop to a fresh location one afternoon as the girls were scratching around in the strawberry beds.  Just as we set the coop down Anne charges by me with Margaret in hot pursuit making quite a ruckus of squawking.  I see what appears to be a large worm hanging out of Anne’s mouth flopping around.

Nope.  Not a worm but rather an unfortunate little garden snake.  After chasing Anne, who was determined to not share this delicious prize, around the yard for several minutes, Margaret got a hold of one end of the poor snake (at this point I have given up trying to save the snake) and a tug of war ensues.  Meanwhile, Victoria is casually watching the proceedings with her normal aloof disdain.  Not to anthropomorphize the chickens too much, but I swear she had a look on her face of “Idiots.”

After the tug of war and shaking it for a few more minutes the teenagers got bored with the now headless snake.  Victoria watched them wander off and then casually sauntered over to the corpse and gulped it down. Yep.


Tastes like Chicken?

Protein for the day.

Protein for the day.


2 thoughts on “Little Carnivores

  1. Hahahaha… great story. For fun sometime try purchasing some crickets at a pet store and giving them to your hens, A feeding frenzy will ensue. Thanks for stopping by Henbogle, I will look forward to reading more about your hens and brewing!

  2. You know, we started a worm bin a couple of years ago and felt so responsible for these little beasts. I mean, after all, they are so completely dependent on us for food, proper living conditions, etc. And then we got chickens. And now, while I don’t really feed “our” worms to the chickens, I encourage the girls to eat heartily of whatever they can dig out of the dirt pile or out from under the cedar. You had a total Discovery channel moment! 🙂

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