An unwanted visitor

After being in Germany for a week, it was my turn to open the chicken coop at 06:30.  That’s OK, jet-lag had me up at 4 am anyway.  I wandered out with coffee in hand and saw something dart across the yard and stop in the neighbor’s driveway.  In my early morning, pre-caffeinated haze, I thought “wow that’s a big cat”, then an adrenaline rush and a double take.  HUGE fox!    We both eyeballed each other for a few seconds pondering our next moves.  I took a step toward it (there may have been some cursing, from me, not the fox) and it ran off.  Score one for the biped.  I’m guessing he/she will be back though….

Note to self: ALWAYS shut the coop at night.


One thought on “An unwanted visitor

  1. We closed the coop up one night over the summer, and when we came out to open it in the morning, a RAT came running down the gangplank, followed by four chickens shooting like bullets out the door! When we put them to bed, there was no sign of any issues – but apparently we had locked the poor rat in.

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