PVC waterer

Dumping out nasty poop filled water got old pretty quickly.  I came up with an idea for a PVC drinker with commercial type poultry nipples.  Inspiration was again from various places around the web.  The coop has room for about a 6 ft. length of 4″ dia. PVC to be attached underneath the roost area. Quick calculations show the reservoir will hold about 3.5 gallons of water (I knew I would eventually find a use for junior high geometry!)  It’s simply the rest of the 4″ PVC from the feeder an elbow and two caps.  The nipples are from BAFXpro and seem to work pretty well.

The nipples are threaded plastic with a stainless steel ball and pin valve.  A couple of wraps with thread tape and they are ready to go.

Nipples from BAFXpro

Screw them into the bottom of the PVC pipe.

Finished drinker all glued together with two nipples installed which should be enough for 6-8 chickens.  I installed them at opposite ends so that if the coop is not level, water will always be available at one nipple or the other.

Finished drinker with two nipples.

Now to install under the coop!  I cut another hole like I did for the PVC feeder in the nest box area.  This allows easy access to check water level and refill as needed.  Flip the coop on its side and attach. One down side is that it makes the coop another ~30 lbs heavier.

Coop on its side showing the drinker and feeder.

I got this installed a day before we were scheduled to leave for the West Coast for 5 days!  Will they drink out of it?

Victoria checks it out…

What is this new gizmo in my coop?

And…. Voila’!

A nice cool sip.

They are curious birds and it did not take them long to figure out how to drink from the nipples after we tapped on them a few times to release some water.

I also made another drinker out of a 4 gallon pastry bucket from a doughnut shop.  One nipple inserted into the bottom and then held up off the ground kept them well hydrated while we were away.

All in all I got a feeder and drinker for just about $20 worth of PVC, fittings and nipples.

Still waiting for our first egg……


2 thoughts on “PVC waterer

  1. We love our heated nipple watering bucket. This looks like a great addition for the summer months to make sure the girls always have plenty of water. Our girls figured the new drinking method out right away, but I’ve had comments from a couple of people about their chickens not figuring it out. I am so happy our girls did.

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