PVC Feeder

Right now we have one of those little 3 lb hanging feeders and a lot of feed ends up on the ground molding.  I got the idea for a PVC feeder from various places on the web and what I came up with seems to fit perfectly into the coop design. PVC is great…Lincoln Logs for big kids! You can build almost anything out of this stuff!

The feeder may not be completely aesthetically pleasing but will hold 8-9 lbs of food and should minimize wastage as they peck and toss food while eating.  My only concern is that maybe only one bird at a time can use the feeder.  Chickens are not known for patience when one of their friends has food!

The feeder was very simple to make and only minor modifications to the coop were necessary.  It’s all just pushed together and not glued so it can be broken down and cleaned if necessary. I chose 4″ sewer PVC (the kind you find out in the garden area of the big box stores, not the normal cell core thick PVC.)  I discovered fittings can’t be mixed between these types of PVC pipe either; apparently 4″ pipe is not 4″ pipe!

All parts for the feeder are shown except for a small piece of 4″ pipe that should be inserted under the wood disk to hold it in place.

The cut piece of PVC is inserted into the wye. It has enough spring to keep it in place.

The Baffle is needed to control the level of the food as it falls down the tube. Without it I think food would come right to the edge of the open wye.

The baffle can be slid up and down to adjust the height of the food.

The wood disk is inserted into the bottom of the wye.  A small piece of PVC pipe is then pushed into the fitting under the disk to hold it in place.

The wood disk raises the level of the food higher than just capping the bottom. The disk is sealed with butcher block oil.

All put together!

All pushed together and ready for food.

Small coop modification needed!

Nest box mod.

And here it is inserted and ready to go.


We’ll see how they do with the one at a time eating.  If it causes too much fighting I have an idea for a new design that uses a tee with short pieces of pipe with holes cut in the top instead of a wye.

Tomorrow, the bigger coop modification of incorporating the nipple waterer.


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