Building the Chicken Coop – Part 3

We decided that we want well adjusted happy chickens that can live up to their potential. OK, really, we just want to be able to see them better! An idea for an extension to the coop was hatched (ha ha?) It’s another A frame 8′ x 4′ run for the girls. Design is based on the Catawba Coop design with my own tweaks, just a little smaller so it slides onto the end of the coop easily. These are going to be very expensive eggs.

Construction Day 1. Good progress and a coat of paint courtesy of Karin!

Next up is attaching the 1/2″ x 1/2″ hardware cloth, door latch and some handles to move it. It should add minimal extra effort to moving the coop to another area of the yard.

This build was quite easy and went together in an afternoon. When it’s secured to the coop it should be predator proof….I hope.

Construction Day 2. The run is nearly finished. It will slide onto either end of the Catawba Coop and double the area the girls have to catch bugs and play in.

8′ x 4′ chicken run.

There is a door on one end for easier access. Just needs a few little tweaks and it’s ready to be added to the coop.

Simple door.

And here it is on the end of the Catawba Coop.


Final coop and run is 16′ x 4′. Plenty of space for more birds!

The coop construction is 95% complete at this point with only minor design tweaks for security.

I’m already thinking about upgrades! The next things to add will be 1) a water reservoir with poultry nipples which will keep their drinking water clean and sanitary and 2) a feeder integrated into the coop door. I have to think about how to aesthetically integrate them into the design though. Hmmmm….sounds like more weekends will be spent on chickens!


11 thoughts on “Building the Chicken Coop – Part 3

  1. That’s great! We just extended our chickens’ run by another 8′ for similar reasons – to see them better AND to give them more room to roam when we can’t be there to let them free range. Beautiful setup!

  2. How exactly did you get this to attach securely to the coop? My husband is in the process of building a Catawba coop and I know this will be a project we take on soon after getting our ladies settled. Probably not quite as long as your run but very similar!

    • Hi, Dedra. The run is actually not attached but simply slides in between the handles so the whole coop is easy to move as two pieces. It would be simple to use some kind of latch to attach the two sections though. Good luck with the build and let me know if you have any questions!

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