Micro-tomato project

I have been inspired by the Dwarf Tomato Project  (of which I am a new participant in 2012).  This group of worldwide amateurs (and some professionals) has bred some amazing varieties of small stature tomatoes with excellent taste.  In just a few short years they will have released 13 or more stable named varieties that can be grown in 3-5 gallon pots making fresh homegrown tomatoes a possibility for nearly anyone.  Impressive.

This project led to an interest in “micro” tomatoes.  Tomatoes that one could grow on a windowsill in a 4-8 inch pot year round.  A ripe homegrown tomato in the middle of winter….yum!

I’ll detail some of the crosses in the following posts.  The base micro-tomato germplasm used as the female were Red Robin, Chibikko, Hardin’s Miniature or Yellow Dwarf.  The males ranged from full sized tomatoes like Carbon to fantastic cherries like Sungold F1 and Chocolate Cherry.  I have F1 seed of 14 crosses from this summer.


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