Say Hi to the Girls!

It’s time to introduce the chickens. We got them last weekend (Sept 2).

Victoria is about a year old. We got her from a neighbor who has a large flock of chickens. Victoria was getting picked on by the other chickens so much that her mom thought she needed a new home.

Victoria in the coop

Victoria is old enough to lay eggs, but she hasn’t started for us yet. We think she is still getting used to her new home. She used to have a free-range backyard.

Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup!

You can see Victoria’s water jar (blue) and food tray (clay pot bottom) in the background.  These will be replaced with more permanent accessories soon.  I think a PVC drinker with poultry nipples is a great idea and will keep the water clean.  I may integrate a feeder into the door.

Victoria wishing she had some friends to play with.

Pretty soon (maybe tonight) we will take the other two out to live with Victoria.

Say hi to Anne and Margaret. They are Black Australorps, about 4 weeks old. We have had them inside in a brooding box this week.  They need maybe another week inside until they are fully feathered and can moderate their own temp better.  We picked them up from a local Father-Son run hatchery in Wake Forest called Little Birdie Hatchery.

Margaret (left, big head) and Anne (right, sqwunched up)

We added a “roost” (bricks and rod) a couple of days ago so they could practice. They are very funny climbing on it.

Anne sitting on a brick

During the week Anne has gotten more calm and docile. She seems to nestle more and doesn’t seem to mind being petted or held quite as much as Margaret does.

Anne in the corner; Margaret on the brick.

The two chickies started out about the same size, but Margaret has quickly outgrown Anne. (I hope that doesn’t mean Margaret will actually turn out to be Mark!)

Anne and Margaret (on brick)

The wall by the roost has a hot pad by it so that one end of the coop is a little warmer for sleeping at night. They needed to be in about 80-degree (F) temperature this week. They can tolerate cooler temps as they feather out and can regulate heat more.


The brooding box has pine wood chips in the bottom for a nice soft cushion to nestle in as well as scratch around in for imaginary bugs to eat.

Margaret (the goof)


The girls are in the basement where we have our workout room as well as walls of books. They are insatiably curious!

Margaret (the curious one)

They LOVE oatmeal for a treat!  Now as soon as a hand goes into the box they run over and peck looking for it!


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