Building the Chicken Coop – Part 2

OK, here are the (almost) last stages of building the chicken coop! Chris built it; Karin painted it.  The colors match the humans’ house.  Let me tell you THAT was an ordeal trying to match the colors!  I was afraid to tell the very helpful paint guy at Home Depot that he was struggling to get the perfect colors for a chicken coop, which will be poop colored in no time!

The beautifully-painted almost-finished coop!

One side of the top removed. The bar in the middle is the roost to sleep on at night.

Looking through the roost area from one end. Closest is a nesting box.

The coop with one side of the top open.

Close-up of one of the nest boxes.

The closed up coop from the end. Top door is hinged nesting box door; bottom is removable access door.

The coop!

The final product!  I have maybe 24 hours of build time not including the painting.  The design is that of Catawba Coops.  If I make another one there are definitely things I’d do differently and more efficiently.  The kindle version of the plans was $10 and well worth it.  I think it’s a solid design if one wants a movable coop.

Stay tuned for Part 3, the run extension!


4 thoughts on “Building the Chicken Coop – Part 2

  1. Hello. I’m looking at building a similar coop for our new chickens. What would you differently next time with your coop? Thanks and I enjoyed your blog.

  2. Hi! On the Catawba Coop I would do a few things like cut all the pieces first, carefully following the cut diagrams, and then assemble (just more efficient), I’d use 100% pressure treated wood (yes, pressure treated 2×2’s are available despite the statement they are not, in the plans) and deck screws that are meant for pressure treated wood. The things I’d change are really specific to the plans and process and not general coop observations.
    The kindle plans are definitely worth it ($10) but also email him for the google sketchup which is really nice (I didn’t notice that offer until it was completed). I printed the pages I was interested in by screen capture and pasting into Word from the Kindle PC app.
    The author is quite responsive to questions and the coop is well thought out. That being said I would NOT put as many birds as he suggests in the coop w/o a run extension…I don’t believe his calculation of needed square footage per bird after seeing the girls in it.
    If you decide to go with the Catawba coop post here again and I’ll dig up my notes!

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