Building the Chicken Coop – Part 1

I’ve been wanting a new toy for a while.
Happy to report that I still have all 10 digits! đŸ™‚

New Toy: Miter Saw

$110 worth of lumber and plywood to build the entire coop. Doesn’t include the fencing, hardware and finish.
A mix of pressure treated and regular. Pressure treated will be used for ground contact and roof.


The A frame is assembled. The whole coop is 8′ x 4′ which should house 3 chicken, 10 sq. ft per chicken.

Frame for Chicken Coop

Platform installed. This will be the secure roosting area for sleeping.

Roost Platform

The coop frame with nest boxes.

Frame with Next Boxes

Closeup of the partially finished nest box area. This is where the chickens will lay the eggs.

Nest Box Close-up

Closeup of the roost bar. This is where the chickens will sleep.

Roost Bar Close-up

The coop is almost built.

Getting close…

Added the little roof to keep the girls dry. Now need to paint and add hardware.

Getting closer…


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